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All-glass partition system AP115

04-30-2014 Print

Let’s get it started in here! 236 W27 New York, NY 10001 accepts hi-end All-glass partitions AP115 exclusively imported by Professional Grade Aluminum and installed by certified professionals of Professional Grade Construction. This brand new product allows for easy and unbelievably fast fabrication and installation of all-glass partitions. Special moldings have been designed to ease integration of solid wood core doors or framed doors, as well as glass ones. Patented design of glass clips and system brackets, ultra-high quality of all system components, easy installation in minutes is what the installers like about this system. Customers will definitely love Italian designer hardware and variety of finishes. Happy clients shared their experience with us and we proudly announce that we got “A” for overall product and labor quality. Now we’re ready to supply this great product directly from our warehouse in Brooklyn. For more details visit our  Gallery .

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